when you’re a two-dimensional dog just trying to have fun at a three-dimensional playground


Female vicar at my church is one of those people giving female vicars and feminists a bad name.
On good friday the main focus will be From Mary the Mother’s point of view and Easter is Mary and Martha’s point of view. All well and fine.
But she has picked out short snippets and plays portraying all the men in the passages as Misogynists, primarily Peter.

My Auntie, a drama and english teacher, strong feminist and training and studying to become a vicar herself has even looked at the play she was asked to perform on sunday and has been left shocked and praying about what to do and how to turn it down, explaining why.

My Dad put it as “If *the vicar* has her way, this Easter weekend is going to be a hidden attack on men.” And let me be quick to say my Dad is an awesome guy, really laid back but open and supportive of every cause I bring to his attention, so for him to have his feathers ruffled and be offended by something like this, I know it must be pretty bad.

Frankly, I left my church a while ago because I disliked her way of preaching and found that she really has changed the church for the worse. The chemistry is all off, everyone is tense and she is dictating to everyone to have her way.

I miss when she would let my Nan preach freely. Nan used to set up all these awesome things for the kids to do at the front to be a part of the sermon and I always would take in every word. I miss the freedom the Band had with the choice of music as they have *quite rightly* a much better knowledge and library to choose from as that’s what they’re there to do.

I am sick of everyone being treated like lesser people, like children who don’t understand and even more so the sickeningly, painful children’s music she INSISTS on playing every family service.
Basically in terms of her voice, patronising behaviour and annoying factor I would put her up there with Professor Umbridge.

I was so excited when I heard we were getting a female Vicar. She has really let me down.